Competence Line® and Performance Line® Gases



Competence Line® and Performance Line® Gases

In order to achieve both technically and economically high-quality weld seams, everything involved in the process – material, equipment, process gas and welding technology has to do its part. This requires a new attitude towards our products. Shielding gases are much more than ‘welding consumable commodity’, they also:


  • Influence the arc – both electrically and thermally
  • Determine viscosity and surface tension – both of the drop and of the pool
  • Control wetting properties
  • Control penetration, seam geometry and seam surface
  • React metallurgically with filler metal and pool
  • Influence radiation, heat transfer and arc efficiency
  • Determine metal transfer and energy distribution in the arc
  • Influence certain pollutant emissions


These properties have to be optimally utilised in order to reap the full potential of gases in the welding process. Through our understanding of how this tool functions, we are able to make an active contribution towards the added value in our customers’ production processes.


Our customers continue to demand specialised solutions to keep pace with the growing requirements in the field of welding. Advances made in equipment and materials science, new measuring technologies and simulation techniques require state-of-the-art, innovative gas products. Expensive specialised materials require customised solutions – sometimes even at a molecular level. Gases require the same diversification as materials and joining processes. To improve product transparency and to make selecting a product easier, we will be offering two product lines in the future. Both lines contain shielding gases for every conceivable material and process combination.



Competence Line®


Proven gases and gas mixtures offering the very highest quality and supported by outstanding BOC service. This line contains our all-rounders, such as Argoshield® Universal, Stainshield® Light and argon, products that are indispensable to everyday welding technology and are ranked amongst some of the best-selling gas products in the world.


  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Versatility
  • User-friendliness


Performance Line®


Highly productive specialists with ad mixtures of helium, nitrogen or hydrogen. These components improve arc efficiency and enhance heat transfer from the arc to the joint, resulting in higher welding speeds. If improvements in quality alone are required, helium or hydrogen can be used without increasing the welding speed. For example, helium can be used as an additive in many robot applications to better compensate for component tolerances. The wider acting arc improves edge wetting and reduces lack of fusion problems resulting in greater output and improved quality.