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Quality, visible not only in the arc behaviour. Alushield®: MIG welding of aluminium alloys.


MIG welding of aluminium can be performed in the short, spray or pulsed arc. The advantages of the pulsed technique are that spatter formation is reduced and a wire electrode with the next largest diameter can be used. The thicker wire is easier to feed and, at identical melt-down rate, has a smaller surface area. Consequently, fewer impurities and less moisture are introduced into the weld seam via the wire.


The pulsed arc method can be further subdivided into direct current pulse and alternating current pulse since power equipment designed for both types of processes are now available. Welding with pulsed AC enables targeted distribution of the arc energy between the work-piece and the wire electrode. This technology expands the range of application of classical MIG welding of aluminium to include thinner components. It is also much easier to bridge gaps and to use thicker wire electrodes.


Argon is by far the most frequently used shielding gas for MIG welding of aluminium. It has impressive all-round properties and can be used for all types of arcs and in all positions. Further improvement can be achieved by using Alushield®.


Performance Line® gases are used in cases in which higher quality seams and increased welding performance are required. All gases in the Alushield® series contain helium, which makes the arc hotter, broader and more stable.


Suitable gases are:

Competence Line®

  • Argon


Performance Line®

  • Alushield® Light
  • Alushield® Universal
  • Alushield® Heavy