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MagMate Pro 250

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Magmate 250P

Quick Overview

The MagMate PRO’s inverter technology gives you increased duty cycles at higher amperages and infinite voltage control. That means welding is easier than ever with a MagMate PRO. We’ve also added lots of new features like volt and ampere meters, that accurately display your selected parameters.


The Magmate 250P is an ideal welding machine for light to medium production applications.

Its higher amps allow the welding of flux cored wire / metal cored wires up
to 1.2 mm. Higher material thickness, greater than 15 mm. The Magmate 250P performs best with 1.0 to 1.2 mm wire diameters.

Inverter technology. Latest technology delivers higher duty cycles at higher amperage.

  • Infinite voltage control - makes welding thin gauge materials easy.
  • Lightweight and smaller - all MagMate PRO’s weigh just 32kg and they’re smaller – easier to move.
  • Volt and amperage meters - your parameters are accurately displayed.
  • Inbuilt electronic wire sharpening - reduces excess spatter from the consumable.
  • New wire feed speed controls - the high performance motor delivers smooth and consistent wire feed.