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Smootharc Elite MIG 330

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Smootharc Elite MIG 330 Progress Pulse

Quick Overview

Introducing the Smootharc Elite MIG 330 Progress Pulse – the ultimate in joining technology. This fully digital welding machine with short-circuit proof pulse arcs accurately determine droplet size and frequency of material transfer guaranteeing high quality welds on all joinable materials.


Multiprocess performance and durability. This tough, practical and high quality welding machine is available in watercooled remote as an air-cooled compact model with optional Synergic operation.

  • Portable and easy to handle compact style machine.
  • 4-roller wire feeder equipped for 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm steel wires
  • Programming functions located on front face panel.
  • Intelligent casing design with optimised air guidance for longer duty cycle and ventilation control to reduce contamination in the machine


  • Multi-talented - MIG/MAG pulse, standard, plus TIG and MMA – four processes, one power source.
  • Powerful and economical - The digital system provides an extremely low-spatter pulse arc with all materials, ensures optimum ignition and favourable welding characteristics, which saves time and money.
  • Lightweight but strong - Reliable joining of aluminium with controlled heat input thanks to the optimised pulse arc. The sophisticated start program with a high ignition pulse current ensures fail-safe ignition.
  • Innovative pulse welding for stainless steel - The innovative pulse welding capability allows targeted heat input and controlled drop transfer, guaranteeing optimum welding results for stainless steel connections.
  • Remote control torch - The easy-to-use welding torch gives you one button access to all programmes, user modes, procedures, and up down functions