Smootharc Advance Single Phase



Smootharc Advance Single Phase

Introducing a modern-style family of MIG/MAG welding machines that are sleek in design but perform like workhorses. These inverter-based machines offer high duty cycles at rated amperages and give you infinite control to fine tune settings for optimum results. No matter what job you need done the BOC Smootharc Advance range easily fits the task.

  • Smootharc Advance MIG 200C

    Smootharc Advance MIG 200C

    Light-duty manufacturing of machine tools and parts are easily accomplished with the 200C. If you need a machine in your workshop that can handle light engineering manufacturing or general fabrication, you can’t go past the Advance 200C MIG machine.

  • Smootharc Advance MIG 275C

    Smootharc Advance MIG 275C

    A compact single phase-phase machine with a built in wire feeder, the Advance 275C delivers superb aluminium welding capability up to 10mm in thickness. The 275C is strong enough to handle stuctural steel and aluminium product for manucturing, boat building and general engineering.

  • Smootharc Advance MIG 275R

    Smootharc Advance MIG 275R

    All the capabilities of the 275C but with a remote instead of a built-in wire feeder, the 275C is the stand out performer for in-position applications. Both the 275C and 275R MIG machines offer superior operating performance across a wide range of welding applications.