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EWM/BOC Tetrix 351 AC/DC Smart

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EWM/BOC Tetrix 351 AC/DC Smart

Quick Overview

The EWM Tetrix 351 is fitted with power saving, environmentally friendly inverter technology ensuring more efficient welding.


Performing flawless joining of unalloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy steels, the Tetrix 351 easily connects lightweight metals and their alloys and can therefore be used for every application. Extensive AC functions and setting options of the intuitive control concepts makes the welders work considerably easier, ensuring end to end reliable EWM quality for all welding professionals. The addition of a Retox torch allows all programs, operating modes and the up/down function to be brought up at the touch of a button, making the Tetrix 351 easy to use on-site. The Tetrix 351 offers alternating current types for every need. Different types of alternating current allow welding properties to be individually selected:sinusoid - for agreeably low-noise jointing; trapezoid - the all-round setting for almost every application; rectangular - for particularly difficult applications. The Tetrix 351 easily combines with a cooling module or transport vehicle if needed. No specialist staff or tools are required and there is no need to open the welding machine. The Tetrix 351 is innovative and easy to expand ensuring the machine meets both your current and future needs.